Welcome to the Vermilion River Watershed Alliance.

We are the Vermilion River Watershed Alliance, a local nonprofit group formed to revive the watershed, which is part of the North Saskatchewan River watershed in Alberta.

Through our efforts, we can improve water quality, manage flooding, reduce erosion, retain soil and moisture content, and protect local wildlife.

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Stories of Stewardship

Click the photo above to watch our film highlighting local watershed improvement projects.

Upcoming Events

Open House details: October 24, 2018 Two Hills Senior’s Centre 6:45 PM An information session on the recently completed Vermilion River Hydraulic and Operation Study will be hosted by Alberta Environment and Parks. Also a presentation will be given by the County of Two Hills municipal conservation coordinator on Environmental Farm Plans and availabile funding. […] Read More »

A riparian area is defined as the strip of moisture-loving vegetation growing along the edge of a natural water body. A riparian management zone usually extends from the water’s edge to the upland area. What progress has been made to protect and improve riparian areas in the North Saskatchewan River watershed? Many excellent speakers will […] Read More »

Join Kelly Sidoryk for a multi- weekend Holistic Management Course at the St. Paul Reunion Station! The course includes three modules to help achieve management goals, mitigate risks, and sustainable environmental considerations on your operation! See attached poster for more details! HM Course 2018 Read More »

Latest Articles

Soil Health

October 1, 2018

As climate change continues and our weather patterns become more extreme, it is becoming more and more important to think outside the box of conventional farming practices. Soil health is one such idea that has become a popular topic of conversation among local producers in the Vermilion River Watershed. The concept of soil health recognizes that […] Read More »

Prairie Colour

August 2, 2018

Picture this: You are sitting outside on a grassy slope, overlooking the Vermilion River. You have come to this place to get away from the bustle of everyday life. You notice a giant bumblebee buzzing around you and allow your gaze to follow its flight path. That is when you notice it–purples, pinks, yellows, whites, oranges. […] Read More »

By Brittany Jackson, NSWA field technician Each day starts with a fresh cup of coffee and an early morning drive to a project location somewhere within the Vermilion River Watershed. Upon arrival, a safety briefing identifies any hazards we might run into throughout the day including livestock or other wildlife, barbed or electric fences, uneven […] Read More »