Vermilion River Watershed Restoration + Enhancement Project

Application forms for 2018 projects are available for download below and are due 15 March 2018. Please read the 2018-19 Application Guide (also linked below) prior to submitting an application.

Wetlands and riparian areas are ecosystems that perform vital ecological services in a watershed. They store water, manage flooding, retain sediment and contaminants, serve as a habitat and food source for wildlife, maintain biodiversity, and offer leisure and natural scenic beauty. These services help people, other living things, and the overall health of natural systems that are linked within watersheds. Citizens, watershed stakeholders, and conservation groups know that wetlands and riparian areas must be protected and restored to create sustainable watersheds.

In partnership with the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance and with grant funding from the agencies listed below, the VRWA is working with landowners throughout the Vermilion River watershed. Together we are restoring and enhancing wetlands and riparian areas on their land. Activities under these grants are collectively called the Vermilion River Watershed Restoration and Enhancement Project (VRWREP). This three-year initiative (2015–2018) will implement some of the recommended actions of the VRWMP under the following goals.

  • Goal 2: Improve reliability of surface water supply.
  • Goal 3: Maintain or improve surface water quality.
  • Goal 4: Maintain or improve aquatic ecosystem health.

Other goals of the plan include the following.

  • Goal 1: Develop capacity and knowledge.
  • Goal 5: Protect and sustain ground water quality and supply.

2018-19 VRWREP Application (due 15 March 2018)

2018-19 VRWREP Application Guide (updated November 2017)

2017 Terms and Conditions for accepted projects (for reference)

2017 Reimbursement Claim Form for accepted projects 


Thank you to the VRWREP funders and partners:


Restoration + Enhancement Resources

Please note that many of these resources are from other jurisdictions. You may need to adjust them to suit your local conditions in terms of climate, soils, and features of rivers, streams, and wetlands. Please check government regulations that may apply to your project.

Studies + Reports

The State of the North Saskatchewan River Watershed Report

View Report + Maps 

(Note: the above link will take you to the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance website)

Vermilion River Riparian Inventory + Assessment (2016)

Prepared by Golder Associates

View Report View Summary

Health Assessment Maps

Vermilion River         Stretton Creek             Birch Creek              Mundare Creek          Holden Creek

Irish Creek                  Deer Creek                   Cotton Creek            Lamont Creek            Holden Drainage

Marwayne Creek        Campbell Creek          Warwick Creek        Waskwei Creek

Vermilion River Aquatic Ecosystem Assessment (2016)

Prepared by CPP Environmental

View Report  View Summary

Vermilion River Water Supply & Demand Study (2009)

Prepared by Golder Associates

View Report