History of the VRWA

The Vermilion River Watershed Alliance (VRWA) was incorporated as a nonprofit society in 2015. The alliance is made up of local volunteers working side by side in the watershed. Our members come from local towns and counties, federal and provincial governments, conservation groups, and the general public. We are also partnered with the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA).

We are guided by the goals, directions, and actions of the 2012 VRWMP. This plan was designed with input from the public to define what the watershed means to those who live, work, and play here. We believe the watershed is the unit of management for human activities that affect the environment, including air, land, water, and wildlife. We will reach our vision of a healthy and sustainable watershed by completing this plan and balancing the social, economic, and environmental needs of the watershed community.

VRWA Goals

  1. Develop capacity and knowledge in the watershed
  2. Improve reliability of surface water supply
  3. Improve and maintain surface water quality
  4. Improve and maintain water ecosystem health
  5. Protect and sustain groundwater quality and supply

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Board of Directors

  • President: Ed Parke, County of Vermilion River
  • Vice-President: Pat Gordeyko, Two Hills County
  • Treasurer: Bill Babiuk, Town of Two Hills
  • Secretary: Dave Berry, Town of Vegreville
  • Candace Vanin, Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada
  • Roger Konieczny, County of Minburn
  • Stacey Hryciuk, County of Vermilion River
  • Richard Yaceyko, Town of Vermilion
  • Dale Collison, Beaver County
  • Dwight Dach, County of St. Paul
  • Chris Elder, Alternative Land Use Services, County of Vermilion River
  • Al Corbett, Alberta Drainage Council;North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
  • Carlin Soehn (ex-officio member), Alberta Environment & Parks; Vermilion River Operations Advisory Committee
  • Tim Knudson, Holden Drainage District

Support Staff

  • David Trew, Executive Director, North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
  • Mara Erickson, Extension & Stewardship Coordinator: VRW Region, North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance