Author: Michelle Gordy

Written by K.J. LawsonDuring our Wildlife Habitat Conservation class at Lakeland College (taught by Professor Nicole Nadorozny), we were granted the opportunity to work on the Student-led Assessment of the Vermilion River project (SAVER), with the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA), and the Vermillion River Watershed Alliance (VRWA). During our designated lab days throughout the […] Read More »

Lakeland College SAVER students and professor Nicole Nadorozny pose for a photo while out collecting Winter water samples from the Vermilion River (From left to right: Dr. Nicole Nadorozny (SAVER co-lead at Lakeland College) and WFC students Michelle Nelms, Karlene Stratuliak, Jana Teefy, Zoé Vriends, and Serafino Taraddei). Written by Michelle NelmsOn an overcast day […] Read More »

Getting to Know Dr. Nicole Nadorozny, Instructor and Practicum Coordinator - Lakeland College Written by Michelle A. GordyThis month’s blog is the last in our Partner Series, highlighting various non-government environmental organizations and educational partners in the Vermilion watershed. This month, we are highlighting Dr. Nicole Nadorozny, Instructor and Practicum Coordinator at Lakeland College in […] Read More »