Invasive vs. Native Plants: Knowing & Growing Your Riparian Area

December 15, 2020

Invasive Species: What’s the Problem?  Scentless Chamomile can compete with crops (especially forages) in their early development and are often found near waterbodies, or in places with periodic flooding. Photo from Invasive species are not necessarily bad in and of themselves, as they may: Be attractive to look at Have medicinal properties BUT, in […] Read More »

Morecambe Structure and the Two Hills Floodplain: History and Operation

November 12, 2020

Above: Map of the Two Hills floodplain: The Vermilion River moves north from Vegreville before passing through a chain of 6 interconnected lakes, known as the Vermilion Lakes. (Watt Lake to northwest is not shown.) Image adapted from: TWO HILLS FLOODPLAIN: FLAT + ALTERED = FLOODING Low, flat topography of floodplain and shallow depth […] Read More »