Watershed Resilience: What Strategies Work Best?

October 19, 2020

Written by Heather J. Marshall VRWA partnered with ALCES to get a better understanding of which conservation or restoration strategies would have the greatest effect on the Vermilion River watershed’s resilience. The ALCES report is summarized in the pages below:     Heather J. Marshall is a freelance writer and graphic designer. Her main interests […] Read More »

Living with Beavers: How to Co-exist with Nature’s Eco Engineer

September 16, 2020

Written by Heather J. Marshall An evolving relationship with a national emblem By the early 1900s, beavers were nearly wiped out in Canada due to the fur trade. As beavers made a comeback in the 1920s and 1930s, their dams spread over the prairie landscape, often creating unwanted flooding for landowners and farmers.  It’s a […] Read More »

“Do Fence Me In!” Fencing with Water and Wildlife in Mind

August 12, 2020

Written by Heather J. Marshall Fences serve an important purpose for landowners and farmers. They are used to: Mark property boundaries Hold livestock (read more about livestock legislation under the Stray Animals Act) Practice rotational grazing Protect stream banks and vegetation from livestock overgrazing Allow nature to recover through native plant seed banks or roots […] Read More »